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What Is the Difference Between Air Freight and Cargo?

The words air cargo and air freight are used interchangeably by the majority of business owners. These are the two methods for long-distance shipping. There are, nevertheless, significant differences between them that may impact your mode of transportation decision.

Air freight is a significant component of international shipping, acting as a critical connection in the network with other forms of freight services. Determine which kind of air transportation is best for your business.

You need air travel when time is of the essence. You may transfer products almost anywhere in the world with in-depth tracking and enhanced security.

You would have to wait many weeks for a package delivered by sea to arrive. Although it has limits, ocean freight is the most often used means of long-distance transportation for importers and exporters.

The transportation of goods by plane or ship is referred to as freight. Freight is a much broader phrase that encompasses goods delivered by land, sea, rail, and air.

Cargo is the term used to describe the commodities delivered by a third-party aircraft, and an air freight company carries this cargo aboard their aircraft. The term “commodity” refers to what an airplane transports as opposed to how it is conveyed.

Using international freight forwarders who specialize in air freight provides a number of advantages, which is why it is so popular. Although more expensive than alternative options, the advantages may exceed the price. Air transportation may be the best solution depending on your supply chain and logistics needs.

Standard air freight rates are based on package volume and weight when sending things by air. Distance between origin and destination, cargo size and type, route planning, and other air freight options are all factors that influence overall prices.

Air freight is 4–5 times more expensive than road freight and 12–16 times more expensive than marine freight, according to a World Bank study. Shipping things by air is more expensive than other methods, so if time is not a concern and you want to save money, you should look into other choices.

What’s the distinction, if any? There’s not a lot of difference between the two. In the shipping industry, these terms are usually interchangeable, with the sole distinction being the shipping company.

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